Sunday, August 10, 2008

What am I on about?

'untitled' ink pen drawing and digital manipulation by Candice Herne 2009

I have been thinking about what my work is actually about.

As an artist, it can be difficult to pinpoint what one is on about most of time. I think of and view the world through a picture frame. My brain is like a gallery where I'm always cutting and pasting and hanging up bits and pieces; capturing sound, sights and smells that imprint themselves so I can look, think and question. Then somewhere down the track they seem to manifest into something I call Art.

I am definitely a voyeur of life; interested in philosophy, human psychology, the natural world and how we all co-exist. I am intrigued by the ups, downs, easts and wests of life and death and everything in-between.

I see my work as purely representational of me exploring my own identity and place in the universe and how today's society influences, leads and herds us to make cultural, political, religious and spiritual judgements.

Through my process I am always questioning, analysing and looking for answers and trying to find a way to identify and connect with people. Ultimately my mission is to feel peace; inner peace, community/neighbourhood peace, world peace. R.I.P.

Candice Hernexx
*please note I have changed the image to this post 4/08/2010

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Nicola Moss said...

WoW! You say it so beautifully Candice; I do wish I could be half as articulate. I really like your description of cut and paste. The process of time to redefine and connect disparate information we absorb each day is key I think to interpreting the world we live in. And I agree it is a response to all of our senses, not just sight, that informs our work.

Love your work with the figure models, this is THE most beautiful piece I have seen using these mannikens. Keep up the great work.