Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's been another growing and contemplative year. With the birth of my darling daughter Suki, my son Rhody turning 4, moving house, sharing my family and friends highs and low, exhibiting my artwork in Melbourne, with Laney Robinson and Silke Savran, auctioning off one of hats at Lyssy May's Think Pink Party, and joining Brisbane Artist Development Cooperative.
My husband is always a constant grounding force who in his own philosophical way, always surprises me with his wisdom and compassion. While we all were playing on the floor of our bedroom, Rhody (4) frustratingly says hold this mum, hold this. I go to hold the tape measure, as he is measuring his father. No, No, Rhody frustratingly says. Rod my husband who is a builder, pipes up. The dumb end Mummy, the dumb end. I laugh and look at Rod. What's the dumb end? Rod says the silver bit at the start of the tape measure. The dumb end, you just have to stand their and hold it. Rod says, we all take turns at holding the dumb end, so you don't get the measurement wrong.
This is something I struggle with, holding the dumb end. Another project for me to work on next year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
love Candyxx

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