Friday, January 30, 2009

Inspirational Weather Project

Image by Candice Herne
My participation in the International Weather project was so much fun.

For me it was such a stimulating, dynamic, and inspirational project. As a Visual Artist and Mother of 2 it is a challenge finding worthy, contemporary projects to contribute to, without having such a time consuming impact on my me and my family. This project is one of the most valuable, creative adventures I have been on in quite awhile.

Not only did it inspire me. It has fine tuned my conceptual skills and made me think about how I communicate. I was rewarded everyday through the meditation of taking the photographs and the analysis of my partners post, and working out how to respond directly. For me it was a concentrated, purposeful project.

As Miriam and Hege highlight connections are made, where previously there where none. For me, this was the most enlightening and delightful unexpected outcome of this experience.

To quote my partner Vaydehi "I never new that weather could be so interesting"
I just noticed I missed spelt connection in the labels for this post. Typing to fast I wrote "commection". I like it, it the experience was definately a "commection" communicate to connect, I like it!

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