Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sparklely Pianta's

LOve these fun and sparklely pinata's from here I saw them on this blog

I have always been a big fan of Pinanta's and paper mache'. As a child Mum designed for my sister and I large easter bonnets/hats from paper mache, adorned with paper flowers and streamers. It is a distinct memory for me, maybe thats why I have a thing about hats and flowers? Over the years I have made a couple of homemade paper mache pinata's. However now adays you can buy them in the stores. Since having children I have bought 2. In 2007 I bought a donkey for Rhody's 3rd birthday and last year 2008 I bought a guitar. Bad move on the guitar. I hung it from it's neck 3 whacks and it was all over.

I discovered there are Pinata guidelines to get the most out of the pinata.

1. Try to buy one that doesn't have too many skinny parts to it the donkey worked well as the base was sturdy.

2. Hang it from a solid part of the pinata

3. The most important tip the youngest person goes first and work your way up through the ages. This way it may stay up for longer and more people will get to have a go.

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