Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thinking of Sandra

Kinetic sculpture by Rhody Nash (4) Connect Power to the house

Rhody made this yesterday. It kept on falling down and he persistantly kept putting it back together. Until finally he was exhausted and said Mum just hold this. I obliged ( always the apprentice). It fell down a few more times. Hold it Mum, Hold it.

I asked, What is this called Rhody? I don't know, he said.
Well stand back and have a look? How did you feel when making it?
Rhody said, power up. I took some photo's, he came over and said "perfect pair" Again I asked, what is it called then? Rhody said "Connect power to the house"

This little bit of play made me think of my friend, Kinetic Sculptor Sandra Landolt who had to go home to Switzerland. She is just about to become a mother. I think I will email her tonight to see how she is.

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