Monday, April 13, 2009

Look what the Easter Bunny Cooked Up

Hope you all had a happier Easter than I did. We went camping to a new spot recommended through a friend of a friend. Not far from Nanango. Supossibly 1.5 hours away from home 2.5 hours later we arrive to a dried up old creek bed with it's banks covered in prickels. I held my breath daring myself not to utter a word. Where was Suki supposed to roam? To think we contemplated not even taking the port-a-cot. I think I must have manifested illness through my private anger. We came home a day early as I caught a diarohhea virus. Much to our friend Rob's suprise, I wasn't prepared to tough it out with my butt down the stinky dugg out toilet as the smell was pushing it all to come out the other end as well. Things are looking brighter, today.

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