Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Suki June

Fairy Light

Dancing-Tess and Suki

Cousins -Jessma and Suki

Hyper- the Nash boys Jack, Rhody, Will and Adam

Aunty Jenny

Party Princess

My goodness our little darling is 1. I planned a last minute family birthday party for the special day. It was so easy for her 1st birthday to just slip by and merge in with daily life, with out giving it another thought. 2nd child syndrome. I really had to make an effort. I'm glad I did. When I started with the pink thing (something I swear I wouldn't do) that was it Pink took over, along with the pink fairy, meringue dress my Aunty Glynis bought Suki on her birth. I was looking for a special occassion to dress her up. Her first birthday ws the perfect occassion. What fun we all had.

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Jools said...

Wow! These are gorgeous photos! She looks adorable in the 'Party Princess' pic!!!!