Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Rod and the Palmwoods Rural Fire Brigade mascot the Koala. Next time I want to see him in the koala suit!

Fun at the Palmwoods Country Fair

Gravatron- Palmwoods Country Fair

One of Rod's ambitions has been to join the Rural Fire Brigade. Since moving to the country he has followed these ideas and joined in January. The Palmwoods Rural Fire Brigade is very active in this small community of Palmwoods and contributes by participating in all local events . Rod was impressed and a bit in aure of how seroius and professional it is organised. Every member is screened for criminal history and has a series of tests and trainings in order for each member to participate in any task. He was very chuffed at passing his truck driving licence first go. You might imagine big boys toys, driving the fire truck. The Palmwoods Country Fair was on recently and the first local event Rod participated in, walking around handing out stickers, lollies and tallking to the community.
Rod told me a very inspiring story about one of the members who for years, fornightly goes to the local school and talks about fire to the children. The statistics show that their has been a significant decrease in the amount of fires in the September school holidays.This just goes to show what impact the Rural Fire Brigade can have in a community.
Stop to say hello next time you see them in your town.
Support your Rural Fire Brigade.

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Katrina's Blog said...

You go Rod!! I admire everyone who does volunteer work and contrbiutes to their community.