Monday, September 7, 2009

Alice in Wonderland- last day

Jeez! I can understand how some writers take years to finish a book. The story is all there but getting it onto the page towards the end is painful. My trip continues!

We were up and out early again. I was planning to sleep a lot more on this mini break to try and catch up. However, fortunate for me Belinda had other plans. Lucky for me!

Camberwell markets was our destination. I had been a few years ago when I stayed with my girlfriend Jade. It reminds me of a mini Camden Market cross Portabello Road in London, with it's original and eclectic mix of all things old, vintage, antique, Retro and Kitch. It's very raw and street wise with all sorts of designers and people selling their wares. I hope it never looses it's edge. I love markets and their people. I still have in my cupboard a 5 pound black fake fur jacket I bought at Bricklane markets. When I was younger I often fantasized about producing a book about markets of the world, ooooooh! maybe I could get a grant for that one. Travelling around the world from 1995-1998 I visited some very memorable markets KahnEl Karhilili in Cairo where I bought raw essence perfume and wish that I had more money to buy the intricately patterned and decorated hand woven carpets and rugs.10 pounds-$20 was our daily budget at that time. And Portabello Road were I rescued an elderly women from being mugged, this was an out of the box moment I will never forget. I was wandering around and observing everything, (as an artist I often observe my environments quietly and thoughtfully) anyhow I noticed/felt this disturbing invisible space which was about 8 meters between a elderly women pushing her bicycle and a man walking through the crowded markets I watched this space for about 20minutes glancing at the 2 dots (man and women) and the space in between. The man seemed to be intensely concentrating on the elderly ladies bicycle watching the small rack on the back with her handbag that was underneath. I quietly observed this, following camouflaged by the crowd for quite awhile. The man seemed to get agitated and moved in closer and closer to this women. I thought to myself god am I just making this shit up in my head or is this man trying to steal her handbag? Do I just ignore this or maybe should I try and do something. How can I maybe dissolve the situation without being obvious and scarring anyone. I was scarred at this point, however my instincts took over. As the markets were extremely crowded and everyone was meandering slowly, I weaved my way right up to the elderly women, embraced her with a big hug and dramatically said, "how are you?" held her close to me and whispered in her ear, "look after your bag," gave her a kiss on the cheek and kept on walking. Shit! I thought, hope she'll be alright, I didn't look back. I wasn't alright at that point, a little shaken up, hoping I had done the right thing and saved her from spending the day on the phone cancelling all her cards then waiting weeks for new ones. Who knows, if it was just all in my imagination, the only person who really knows is the man. The crazy things I do! Remembering this after many years past, I still follow my instincts and they do get me into some adventurous playgrounds, shake me around a little, however the older I get the shaking doesn't seem to hurt as much. The battered can't be beaten. Can't wait till I'm 80 imagine how free I'll be then. I can really. However it's something to look forward to.

Camberwell worked it charm on me as I was hunting around for yellow and found a vintage soft yellow short jump suit that I am planning to redesign and embellish with some beautiful pale yellow cockatoo feathers, found by Nicola Moss who is currently artist in Residence at the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. I also found some other goodies a embroidered heavy denim, pleated Tibetan skirt, a hand knitted mini skirt and retro jacket, who knows what will become of those. There is one thing that I am still stewing over which is an old green and white emergency exit light. My hot dogs and chips light sign which I have at home needed a friend. Did I have room in my suit case was the deciding factor. Unfortunately not and it was only $20. I'll think of you often Exit light!

Time to pick John up for Lunch, have a bite to eat, then put my head down for a afternoon siesta, what luxury!

My evening's agenda was a bike ride to the St Kilda Eco Centre for a Eckhart Tolle DVD presentation. Jeez! I haven't ridden a bike in awhile. Belinda and John suited me up with all the safety equipment for night riding. Yes you found the lights John, have a Mummy look next time! (In house Joke) Fluorescent vest and helmet, special torch light for the bike and the strategic move to tuck my jeans into my socks, so thoughtful John, ( I'm hearing my Dad at this point) but really that's where I draw the line, I thought, however I didn't want to hurt his feeling so in went my jeans and up with the socks, they won't miss me. That's the point I suppose. John rode with me up to the centre, to help me find my direction for my solo voyage home. I am so unfit! Bye Bye for now!

I entered the room forgetting what I had on and took a seat. I settled in and struck up a conversation with a lady and young guy called Issac who was studying Psychology, we chatted about Psychology and Art, I was suddenly conscious of what I had on with my socks pulled up high with my Jeans tucked in, I retreated inside myself and quickly pulled myself together. So typical of me. Issac suggested I watch the movie "Revolutionary Road" as I am interested in ideas about Popular culture and the pressures and influences that surround Relationships, Individuals, Family, Life, and the role of Mother. I watched this on the weekend with my husband. I'd like to say from my own experience as a married woman to a man with 2 children is that this is a profound movie and unbiased (apart from the last shot, very male directed) depiction of life as a man and a woman with children family type. Highlighting the struggles, belief systems and cultural pressures of parents while trying to grow up, have courage, take risks and navigate their way through the maze of life, looking for a better way, a better life and always considering that it maybe just all a fairytale, just a dream, just a myth or all too hard. I felt like my husband and I have lived most of the movie. I won't say anymore because I don't want to ruin the story line, just watch it! Brilliant!

Bring on Mr Tolle, I was so looking forward to watching this. It took me a little while to get past his slightly trippy-meditative and quirky demeanour. At times I felt like I was in the Television series Lost, maybe that's it, I thought. Lost is about a spiritual awakening. I was tripping out myself. I settled down, my breathing became gentle and slow, the yogi coming out in me and became meditative also, listening to every little thing he said, with little light bulbs sparking inside me hmmm! ahhh! yes yes yes! I hear you! He talked about everything being ephemeral (nothing lasts) the ego, ideas of being special and that everything is a nothing. After the DVD we did a meditation, packed up and all went home. Woosh! that was great I thought if nothing lasts, and I'm a nothing imagine the possibilities, or is that my Ego? I felt reborn!

I got back on my bike with my Jeans tucked into my socks, all my Christmas lights on and finally found my way home.

The End

Thank you for a wonderful Trip my dear husband Rodney, Rhody James, Suki June, Belinda and John Young, Jade, Angela, Alyssa Milton, Kerri Smith,Waltraud Reiner and the Garden Club, Issac, little Greek Gay God, and Eckhart Tolle

For Nanna Bush

sincere thanks to Katrina, Nicola Moss and Sharon Lee for their encouraging comments at my first attempt at Story writing and to Sharon Lee for recognising my interest in the line.

"the most interesting lines, are the invisible lines" Candyxx


Nicola Moss said...

What an amazing journey Candice. I have enjoyed reading your story immensly. Fabulous. Please keep writing.
I believe in following gut instinct.
Have a wonderful time on your big journey.
(thanks for the link)


Artist said...

Candy, as usual you are an inspiration. If you are ephemeral, it is in a extremely spectacular and enthusiastic way, that lingers like a mouth watering morsel.
Love reading your adventures and believe you are 'on line ' always ! xx

Candice Herne said...

Thanks Nicola and Sharon! You both inspire me. Candyxx