Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paint Politicians by Numbers

'Paint by numbers 4' collaboration by Candice Herne and Laney Robinson, 2007, exhibited as part of Mother Group Exhibition -Fragments, Dogget St Studio, Queensland, Australia. Acrylic petrol station number, acrylic paint, paper collage and ink on canvas boards, framed, 108cm x 108cm, $1800

This artwork was in response to Peter Costello's 2004 comment toward populating the country 'have 3 children, one for Mum, one for Dad and one for the nation'
The image of 2007 Australian Federal Treasurer Peter Costello, overlays small paintings and collages. This work of art is a humorous take on a 'paint by numbers' kit. This work expressed suspicion towards the 2007 federal government's number crunching approach to the value of maternity, birth, parenting, family and women. Producing another human being to populate the world is more than numbers.

"Rudd by Numbers' illustrated by Simon Letch, image from National Museum of Australia Canberra

We are currently staying in Canberra. Their is so many wonderful exhibitions to see. We went to the National Museum 2 days ago, which was wonderful. Apart from seeing many historical exhibits, they also had a Political cartoon exhibition, Behind the Lines, the years best cartoons for 2009. I was amused to see Simon Letch's work - Rudd by Numbers. It demonstrates similar ideas to artwork Laney Robinson and I did in 2007. On the weekend I'm going to indulge in a day with out dependants and intoxicate myself in the National Gallery, can't wait for that one! Candyxx

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Nicola Moss said...

Great post Candice, always interesting to find work by other artists on a theme similar to your own. I like your collaborative piece a lot, great work.
Enjoy your day at the National Gallery, sounds great.