Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Slight Malfunction

©      Candice Herne, 2010, untitled Digital Image
We have had major technical issues over the last 3 weeks now. The hard drive died on our brand new laptop, we lost everything. 3 towns later, Tamworth, Dubbo, Newcastle, and finally we have  it fixed.Thankfully we had everything backed up on a external hard drive we brought with us. Grateful for my husbands tireless efforts in preparing all techie contingencey plans. Alas all was not covered. We didn't bring software boxes (packaging) we only brought disks and codes (numbers) for installation just for a occassion such as this. You would have thought we had been super organised. Nothing would re-install and microsoft wasn't having a bar of it. We could have stubbornily demanded to be heard with lengthy conversations from one manager to the next, topped by expensive mobile phone bills and maybe we would have resolved our problem in another week. However we were completely over it and surrended once again to buy all new software windows, virus, inbox etc. We just bought all new software before we left jeez!!!!!!

Still installing software and getting organised again. Hope to be back on track soon.

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Lee said...

sorry to hear you have had such problems. They are great when they work . . .but when they don't . . B#&@*"s.
Good to see you back on line. I missed you.
Hope trip is going smoothly, despite computer glitches.
Sharon x