Friday, January 15, 2010

up in the clouds again

We have now crossed the border into Victoria. We drove west of Bega up mountain ranges which were completely covered in cloud. As we drove through it I kept on thinking this is so beautiful I really want to take photo's. Then I thought. by the time I get out the camera, it will be all over. I quickly pull out the camera and changed lens' hoping the condition didn't change. I was so excited .Lucky for me it lasted for at least another 10 minutes as we descended down the mountain so I was able to snap off quite a few photographs. When I look at them they take me to a place of contemplation about life and death, like a crossing over, with more of a romantic perspective. I started thinking about titles like 'it's not my time, I've yet to own a black convertible sports car' and "I asked for a parade and you send me a beacon of light, not happy Jan'

As we appeared out from within the clouds we started to skid down the mountain. It wasn't to big but enough for us all to hold our breath and hang on. A little hairy thankfully Rod is a very competent and smart driver and gently eased off the breaks with in a split second we were back to normal cruising along the highway.
We are heading towards Wilson's Promontory and Phillip Island.


Susan Buret said...

Love the mist. Enjoy the sea.

sophie munns said...

Hi Candy,
I used to live on the coast near here and have to do that drive late on a sunday night returning from Canberra - so - yes a bit of a scare is not uncommon there by any means.
Lovely misty shots!