Saturday, March 13, 2010

I met a man

I met a man today in Salamanca Square. I didn't catch his name. I nice man, a funny man, a quirky man with a warm smile. A man with an honest laugh and sensitive eyes. A man who made cushions from ancient Japanese hand dyed fabric in his Japanese studio. A man, an artist.

We chatted this man and I. What was I doing, where did I live (I live in Queensland). The man talked fondly of his friends in Queensland and his old school days at Art College . 'One of my friends wives when pregnant, had cravings for Stingray flaps.' -Stingray is a huge ocean creature.I can't remember how we got onto this topic, however I just remember being instantly inspired and transported. A flame ignited and the fizz bombs started fizzing. It made me step outside my own culture, thought and being. I love these moments in life when people share fond memories of time. A joyous part of their personal history.

I enjoyed our conversation so much that I just had to cut and paste this experience from my brain, before I lost it.

We chatted about the stock market as this is how we are financing our trip around Australia. (My husband Rod trades Australian Stocks.) Buy up everything China wants he says, 'China should just buy Western Australia.' We bothed laughed. I did an artwork about that very idea a few years ago I said. He asked me for my full name. I have a web site you can see it I said.'Jeez! if only it was updated I thought. Better get cracking on that one.

I thanked him for his inspiring and great conversation. I'm glad I met this man. I like this man. I wish I new his name.


Lyssy May said...

What a beautiful post Candy. Thanks for sharing this and the rest of your fabulous journey so far! x

Lee said...

Candy,your words bring to our inner eye, the world as a real adventure. I wait for each installation and am thrilled with the originality of each entry.Sharon x