Wednesday, April 21, 2010

photography, painting, installation and trout

we spent 4 beautiful sunny days camped on the foreshore of lake Macintosh, near Tulluh
the lake treated us to superb weather,and vibrant, sunrises

I could not escape the landscapes dominate presence, I got out the paints and Suki and I played around

I am going tribal out here in the Western Wilderness of Tasmania. My sheep skull has been burning a whole in the back box of the car. I found it at Arthur's Lake at Easter time. I also have a wombat skull, with the beaver teeth intact, which I found on the the side of the road. I want to paint them now and make a feather head dress. I have titled the photograph above and below, Peace Offering 1 and 2.

and to top off a fab stay Rod caught a brown trout 55cm long. We smoked it for 3 and a half hours on the fire. We ate half and made the other half into a creamy garlic smoked trout pasta.  


Nicola Moss said...

And look how much Suki has grown.

Louvregirl said...

Wonderful photos...Candice! Thank you~ I feel absolutely transported!

Katrina said...

Isn't it amazing how being out in the world and exploring new places inspires us to create - beautiful, beautiful images!

sophie munns said...

All so poetic Candy!
S x

Candice Herne said...

Thanks girls! We are all growing! out wards for me too much good food drink and sitting around.Candyxx

chrys zantis said...

candy darling you are in the zone....magic moments and spirit animals all around you enjoying your company.......