Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Community Knitting project and Clay Crucibles

the day before ANZAC Day this year. The centre is a wonderful tribute to Australian gold mining history. I was surprised how great it was. I was reminded of the tragic mine accident that happened at the Beaconsfield gold mine in 2006 in Tasmania. The Beaconsfield Mine collapse occurred on Anzac Day 25 April 2006 in Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia. Of the 17 people who were in the mine at the time, 14 escaped immediately following the collapse, one was killed, and the remaining two were found alive after five days, using a remote controlled device. These two miners were rescued on Tuesday 9 May, a full two weeks after being trapped nearly a kilometre below the surface.

I was taken with these clay crucibles. I did a hand building clay class years ago with Andrea Toomey at Brisbane Institute of Art. We did saga firing which I loved. These crucibles brought up these memories. And I just love the text on the crucibles.The gold goes into these then put in the furnace to melt the gold then it is poured into the molds, Bullion cast. (Think gold bar)

 I was also reminded how valuable community is and how people pull together in the face of tragedy and find creative ways to bring about union and support. If you like this knitting project you may like the knitting project Chrys Zantis is working on.

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