Friday, May 21, 2010

Escape to Melbourne and Invest in Art

While we were staying at the Yarra Valley, I snuck away for a 2 day child free escape to Melbourne. Phew! I needed that.
I stayed with my wonderful girlfriend Jade who I have known for 11 years we used to work together at the Sheraton Hotel in Brisbane. Jade lives in Camberwell. (Don't know why I wrote Cabramatta, I must have sydney on my mind). Jade is currently housing 2 country Italian boys from Sicily who are studying English.What entertainment, wish I was 20 and single. Jade and I caught up on all the goss and had a quick window shopping jaunt. I went to the movies by myself at Chadstone, which was so therapeutic! I went and saw the movie Date Night, it was a weekday and their were 6 people in the cinema. I couldn’t stop laughing, I was crying. I was so loud. I had never been to the movies before by myself. I am looking forward to this again.

While I was in Melbourne my lovely friend Susan Buret was having a solo exhibition at Anita Traverso Gallery. I was very excited to be able to attend her opening, I had not been out in such a long time ohh! And to get dressed up.

Susan and I met at a art workshop in Brisbane around 2004. Since then we have both pursued our art careers and have met again many other times, at art workshops, gallery openings and events, BAD and for the occasional cup of coffee. While we were travelling, I also poped into see her in her new studio up in the southern highlands of New South Wales. I like Susan’s work because I am interested in conceptual work and pattern. What you see is not what you get from Susan’s work. It is thought provoking open to interpretation and intimate. Jades favourite piece in the show is Mist2 she said she found the work erotic and she saw lots of legs.

Mist2 2009 Acrylic Linen 1500mmx1050mm, Susan Buret

My favourite piece in the show is Mist 1. I can see a Bush landscape, with gum tree branches sprawling on a misty morning. Small filled bits of pattern add emphasis to the mystery and journey that invites me in to look closer. I want the patterned screen to drop down, if magically just for second, so I can bathe directly in my mystical misty gum tree. The very act of this unveiling though would diminish my interest and intrigue. Do we really want to know what happens next.Or do we want to create our own destiny and path. I feel a sense of memory with each layer a silhouette of fine transparent silk shadowing the past and gently moving forward.

I am biased so you need to go and have a closer look for yourself to see just how much depth is layered within the work. Susan’s show Stolen Geometry from the Gardens of Love is on till May 29th, Anita Traverso Gallery, 7 Albert Street, Richmond, Melbourne. Vic 3121.
Prepare to be mesmerized, you’ll want to take home your favourite piece, so take your credit card and invest in a piece of beautiful original art.

Mist1 2009 Acrylic Canvas 1500mmx1050mm, Susan Buret

Art is one of the few investments that is a pleasure to own and, if chosen carefully, can bring excellent financial rewards. With rapidly increasing sales and record setting prices, Australian art is attracting an increasing number of new investors.

Unlike property, art is virtually maintenance free. It won’t collapse in front of your eyes like a company can and it doesn’t command financial planning fees and commissions, regardless of its value. To find out more reasons why? to invest in art please click on Art Equity

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