Saturday, May 1, 2010

Paintings that are influencing my photography

Passing trams, by Clarice Beckett, image from Art Gallery of South Australia

Clarice Beckett, Australia, 1887 - 1935, Passing trams, c.1931, Melbourne, oil on board, 48.6 x 44.2 cm; Edna Berniece Harrison Bequest Fund through the Friends of the Art Gallery of South Australia 2001, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

Tony Tuckson

No title (Pale yellow with charcoal lines) c.1973 synthetic polymer paint on composition board 213.5 x 122.5 cm Collection of Margaret Tuckson image from National Gallery of Australia

I have been taking lots of photographs over the last 6 months since travelling. This has been the chosen artistic tool for me to use. It's quick, mess free, takes up little storage space and child friendly as I can integrate it into any situation with out too much fuss and it is instantly gratifying and serves my desire to create.

The 2 artists above Clarice Beckett and Tony Tuckson are 2 artists I have recently discovered during my visits to galleries around Australia.
 Clarice Beckett's work I first saw at the Newcastle Regional Gallery. And Tony Tuckson at the National Gallery Of Australia. How do you visit gallery's? I usually have a child or 2 with me so I tend to whizz through until something stops me. It might be a shape, free lines and scribbles, a mark or a pattern that takes you on a little journey, tonal work, scratchy text, texture, smudge, the way the light hits the work, the colour or a faint line that irritatingly sits on a wash and I wonder how beautiful that is, how can a stray line give me so much joy and wonder. How can it all sit together so calmly and peaceful and create such beauty. A hazy shape, that reminds you of your own visions. Colours that blend, but when you look closer you see all the layers of other colours. That's just a few of the things I think about when I see work that interests me. Tony and Clarice's paintings have stayed with over the last few months and have injected different ways at looking at the world. When I look outside and work on my art photographs I am thinking more about layers, tonal colours, haze, blur, shapes, direction, space, lightness,emotion, motion, light, calm and gentle blending and a line to rest upon.

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Nicola Moss said...

I like your idea a lot Candice; that paintings can influence your photography. Such a nice change from photos influencing painting. Makes me think about influence full stop, things we hear, words that stick in our mind or just appear in mind from a mixing of experience. I find this happens, ideas meld and suddenly appear with clarity in another form. So nice to think that looking at art can alter and enhance the way we see the world around us. Isn't that just how it should be. Thanks for this.