Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snap, Crackel and Pop in Adelaide

It's a chocolate Crackle revolution, Adelaide Market
Adelaide City

Henley Beach

Henley Beach, Adelaide, lots of memories for me on the old swimming pool starting blocks. This says to me their may have been a swimming pool here at one stage. I'm thinking maybe a seawater one built into the ocean?

Me in the robot toilet as Rhody my son likes to call them, everything is automated. Adelaide city. I would like to commission this mirror manufacturer. Such a kind reflection.

Olive Groves in Adelaide City. Some councils can be smart. Very old and abundant fruiting olive trees are very easy to find in Adelaide. We picked quite a few olives ourselves, and currently have been lovingly salting and rinsing them for the last few weeks.Not quite ready to eat yet.

Pomegranate Tree. I love the Pomegranate fruit, sucking on all those seeds . I thought I had never seen one before until my husband reminded me their was one in Spain, where we used to work in a place called Cadaques on the Mediterranean. I still don't remember it. This one is beautiful with the added romance of a cafe setting in the Adelaide Hills.

We stopped off at Renmark on the way to Walkers Flat to empty the Loo. Not my job thank goodness. Outside the local swimming centre is this community artwork of cement pavers, paying tribute to community members. I loved this. It reminded me of the hard musk lollies/sweets I used to buy as a child. The ones shaped like hearts etc that had messages on them. I have always been attracted to food with messages ! To get a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant is still such a buzz.

Murray river Walkers Flat, South Australian side. From what I saw South Australia seemed to have the best end of the Murray. From a visual perspective it looks alot more lush and lively SA end.

Animal Farm at the Toy Factory in the Adelaide Hills. This is free and very entertaining. The animals are not shy. When they see you coming out of the gate they race toward you and jump on you and literally rip the bag of food from your hand. Rhody had 3 goats at one stage climbing up on him in a frenzy
The shy Peacock, Animal Farm, the Toy Factory, Adelaide Hills

My favourite photograph. Rhody's clay tractor. Sometimes children can just blow you away with the things they do. I come out from putting Suki down for her afternoon nap and what lay before for me is this glorious Flinstone tractor.


Nicola Moss said...

Looking great Candice, I see you haven't lost your sense of humour. Still reminiscing about chocolate crackles, yum.It's very inspiring reading your travelogue, thanks for sharing, enjoy those salt brined olives when they're ready.

The Words Crafter said...

So there are at least two artists in the family! I love all the pictures, their back stories, the culture...just wonderful....

The Words Crafter said...
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The Words Crafter said...

sorry, it hung up and I clicked again, then there were two!