Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back on track in Burra

So were was I, until I was rudely interrupted. That's right. BURRA.
We fell in love with Burra. We stayed at the showgrounds for $10 a night and was treated to 5 star service from Pat and Bob who are the caretakers. Bob brought us wood for our fire every night. And Pat brought the children a bag each of second hand toys and books. It was like Christmas The children were so overjoyed with their special gifts and so were we with their warmth and hospitality. This generosity of spirit, seemed to run through the town. The information centre, gave visitors
 to the town a key and a extensive map to all the historic properties,so we could
 explore at our own leisure. This town is filled with historic stone buildings and is such a magical place. Have you ever thought about moving to a place just so u could live in the house of your dreams.oh! What could we do with a historic railway station. My husband Rod is a carpenter and together we have restored 2 old cottagers and spent 8 years in Brisbane renovating houses. We sold our last project oct 2008, with plans to redevelop in the Sunshine coast. That plan is on hold while we are travelling. However my sister just sent me some enticing information  on straw bale buildings which we have for years researched and contemplated.


Nicola Moss said...

Hi Candice,
Well first of all I LOVE the new look of your blog, I guess your misfortune was also an opportunity to refresh in some way :)
Burra looks beautiful, that grass, just amazing; and yes the old railway station would make an amazing and unique home.

Puts a smile on my face everytime I see your blog header image of the caravan internals.


The Words Crafter said...

I love the new header! And the tunnel (?) and all the other pictures are just amazing. My sister and I loved it when Mom brought home a bag of stuff someone had passed on to someone else-and I used to say it was just like Christmas. How cool and sweet those people are! I have something for you on my blog if you get a chance to stop by. Happy travels!

Sophie Munns said...

Great look Candy!
Onwards and upwards.... go girl!
There's a message for all of us in this.... travel light...... expect the unexpected.... be ready for the unknown... and work with it and around it... If you were at home maybe you would have dedicated hours to the sorting put of the problem...worked backwards ...but instead you are going forwards... showing us "well Im here... this is it... stuffs been temporarily swallowed up ... but stay tuned a lot more is coming...!"
watch this space...
I'll be watching!
Sophie x

Anonymous said...

Amazing places, incredible people, positive attitude and a life well lived. I thought as I read that you were going to say . . .'we have decided to renovate in Barra'.
It looks like it is in a time warp in a nice fuzzy, clean way.
Sharon x

Esmeril said...

I like very much your photos,
specially the colour, the atmospher. It's very different of the french landscape and I appreciate this.

Please, excuse me for my very very bad english, and good continuation.


Candice Herne said...

Thanks for your smiles Nicola.
Thanks for the lovely mention on your blog WC, I am always suprised when things like this happen. Just when you think no one is listening.Thanks! Keep up your poetry!Thanks for watching Sophie, I am dissappointed I didn't meet the postcard dead line, next time maybe . Hi Sharon thanks. I laughed when I read your comment, I instantly said to myself I'm not dead yet, (a life well lived) I know what you mean though. I will be 40 this year, hope I have another 40 or more years left.I think at this stage we will be heading back to the coast.

Hey Emy lovely to hear from you all the way from France. What a beautiful part of the world. I have only ever been to Paris and Pepinong airport(don't know if this is spelt correctly) not far from Cadaques on the Meditarranean, (Spain). These landscapes must be very different to you. Hope to hear from you again.