Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meeting expectations

Driving towards the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. I have been searching for mountains with no trees. Don't know why, just something I thought about since I left Queensland.  I found it in South Australia, beautiful landscapes and spaces with the colours and land lines that are dominate, free from trees. Hans Heysen is a well known artist from South Australia who paints these landscapes.
We camped at Wilpena Pound. It turns out that Kangaroo's eat cardboard. I thought it may have been the green colour that attracted this Kangaroo to eat this box. However I was told it was not the colour, but the cardboard. See the baby Joey in  mothers pouch.
We walked to the pound, in camouflage

From the Flinders Ranges we drove North to William Creek. For me this was were I really felt like I was in the outback. It epitomized everything I believed the outback was. Basically a nothingness with a Pub. All my expectations were met on this visit. I started to feel like the adventure was just about to start.

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The Words Crafter said...

Oh, I love the kangaroo shot! And the baby joey is adorable!!! Those last few photos look like what I imagine all Americans think of when we hear 'outback'-it does look barren and almost desolate. Very interested in what kinds of photos you're gonna get! Have fun and be safe! (and hide the cardboard) :)