Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hyper in Katherine

'untitled' photograph and digital image taken at the Katherine show, Northern Territory, Australia, by Candice Herne 2010

I started taking photographs of side show alley 2 years ago. Manipulating them to give them a  hyper reality perspective. The hyper feel is portrayed as a intense emotional state. I often see myself like this when dealing with the everyday of parenthood. Especially now travelling around Australia in a caravan with my family. With no out or delete button. I have been faced every moment, everyday with the dealings of parenthood and family. 

Side show alley is a loud, intense place, overwhelming, and bright. The space itself is dominate, fast, alluring,relentless, trippy and zippy. It is a meeting place to explore the mania and share in the euphoric excitement. Piercing screams, and manic laughter is not noticed, however just turns into part of the experience that is side show alley. As a mother at home with the children all day, there are times that the space at home can be exactly the same, filled with big sounds, colours and speed. I also am interested in the idea that sideshow alley is a place that people and particularly young people congregate to have a good time, with the sole purpose of having fun, leaving their issues and prejudice aside. Who can scream the loudest and what show bag to take home seems to be the only concern. 

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The Words Crafter said...

It's great to have that kind of place to let go and just be for a while. I also understand about the noise and color with children...it's the same when I get a certain kind of headache. I'll listen to music really loud so the 'noise' in my head is drowned out by the noise outside it. Places like this provide that louder noise...