Thursday, August 19, 2010

Waterfalls, Termites and Bower Birds

Florence Falls, we got into the falls and swam under the falls, even Suki

After a lovely 2 week break in Darwin with our friends. We headed south. Thinking that we would start to make tracks home back to Queensland.  We got in the car and started heading home then we quickly decided we better pop into see Lietchfield National Park. It is still so hot so cooling off again our main aim. We opted not to stop  in at Kakadu National Park. Only because every person we met said 'Kaka don't' don't waste your money go to Lietchfield and I mean everyone (mostly Australian campers and caravaners). I find this quite sad really because most Australians think of Kakadu as some kind of pilgrimage. It is not often I listen to other people, as I always like to make my own mind up, as my experience might be better or worse. Although I have been caught out many a time over the last couple of years, from not listening to the timely warnings of the experienced. (although I am still not convinced about my own reasoning for this) I did not see Kakadu so I can't tell u what I thought only the opinions of others. Anyhow here we are at Lietchfield.  Thank goodness for water falls.
Tjarerna Falls a 3km round trip, it was worth the walk
Buley's Rocks one of the few watering holes where you don't have to walk along way. Walking in this heat with 2 young children can get a bit testy at times
Magnetic Termite Mounds you can read about them by clicking on the highlighted words
Cathedral Termite Mounds
Bower Bird Nest we found at Wangi Falls, where we were staying. Wangi Falls swimming hole was closed due to Crocodiles. Saltwater crocodiles breed and migrate to these areas. The public swimming holes are monitored all year round. I often wonder what if they missed one. Crocodiles have a slow metabolism. So the size of a humans head would be enough food to keep them satisfied for quite awhile. The freshwater crocodiles don't bother anyone, so the rangers say. Rod and the children went swimming at Katherine Gorge where a freshwater Crocodile sat looking at them from the bank opposite. I'm not at all convinced. Just a paranoid mother. However the local rangers assure you it is safe to swim only with Freshwater Crocodiles, NOT Saltwater Crocodiles
this is another Bower Bird Nest we saw while we were camping on the Hawkesbury River NSW, Australia


sophie munns said...

What a wonderful place.... those waterfall images are unbelievably enticing Candy.
Cant think of anything more wonderful than being in such a place in the heat... looks like all had a lot of fun.
Termite field at first glance looked like a graveyard.... only your text told me otherwise.
The sight of any crocodile would unnerve me tremedously...your brave (from my timid point of view) to be out there on this huge adventure...good on you Candy. Bushwalking with little ones is fun enough..."are we there yet?"
Bye for now,

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Candy, I don't think I would ever be brave enough to swim with any crocodile of any kind.. yikes.. yes, I am a mother too...

the things you must see and feel on your journey.. I am thrilled for your kids and your family as a whole.. what an experience .....

my daughter lived in Australia for a year and a half ... it is so different from Canada.. she constantly commented on the heat...

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie Yes absolutely the termite site looked like a grave yard. That was my first thought as well. Quite striking. 'Are we there yet' yes definately said alot over this trip. Alison Lester is a Australian author who has written children's books about her family's travels around Australia. One titled 'are we there yet and ' we often read this book and connected to the place and things they did and saw. The children loved it. Candyxx

Candice Herne said...

Hi Gwen thanks for visiting my blog. I had a quick scan of your blog. I was really intrigued about the building you were building. I can appreciate the work involved in this. As I spent 8 years restoring residential buildings always with a creative and artistic eye. It was creatively satisfying, however lots of physical work. We lived in mess most of time. Until finishing each project, then we would put it up for sale and ever so quickly it would sell. Then we would start again on another project and on it went I am looking forward to designing a housing project of my own and staying and enjoy the order. Yes Australia has lots of hot spots.However we also have lots of mild climates like Tasmania and different parts of New south Wales and Victoria. This year we played in the snow at Mt Bulla,Victoria in May. Which is very different for me comming from Queensland.The higher you go the milder the weather. This is why I like the hinterlands of the sunshine Coast in Queensland, it tends to be quite a few degrees cooler, greener and lush with less humidity. Which really suits me and only 30mins to the surf beach.Look forward to keeping track of your building project. Candyxx