Friday, December 10, 2010

It's time to grow up

I don't want to miss a damn thing

It's been a very busy week, my eldest Rhody finished prep yesterday and begins year one next year. The photograph on the left was taken in 2004 of Rod my husband holding Rhody at 2 weeks old and the photograph on the right was taken on Rhody's 6th Birthday this year November 2010. We all know how fast life motors by, however I have really felt it even more since having children. I am sure it is even going to go faster now I have children at school. I tend to live my life like I am on a time limit, like something could happen at any moment to stop my clock. I like this as it continually challenges and pushes me to experience and do things, that are way out of my comfort zone.  So you could say most of the time I am scared. Most of the time these challenges are not big things, however very small.
I quietly turned 40 this year. And to be honest it has been the first time that I have really felt my age. Things are starting to head south, my body is changing shape and I can't get away with eating what I used to without consequences. So since settling into our new home I have had to commit to changing my whole lifestyle. Step by step, I have to change. For my own health, and my families. Nothing that a good therapist can't fix.Carry on shopping. till next week Candyxx


Sophie Munns said...

Hi Candy,
lovely to visit and see all the happenings over your way! I seem to have had a few blogger problems this weekend and I can get the image in this post to load even though it showed in my blog-roll!
Im sure I'm missing a wonderful image.
Well.... getting older has its ups and downs... we all have to let go of some things and up the energy on other things... however... what those things are can be very different for each of us... and it becomes increasingly important to know what is right for us as individuals rather than simply because of external pressures.
There are many ways to 'be' in this world and being oneself is one of the bigger challenges.... many would have us be anything but ourselves.
I like the way you have set yourself up for the next era... may you bloom and see wonderful results from the things you choose for you!
S xo

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie
Yes being oneself in this world. That's challenging enough isn't it.Confronting to say the least. However things seem to flow from there, don't you think? and things feel easier? I really enjoyed your recent book list some very perky titles, with fuck, fuck and fuck,which intrigued me to want to read them.I never new there was so many books in the world with fuck in the title. Who new? Have a wonderful trip to Melbourne, I am really enjoying your book. see you soon Candyxx