Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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I have been trying to work out how to get a subscribe via email button on my blog. The one where it lets you put in your email address and all you have to do is click subscribe. WaLa! I've done it, and you can to.Click on this link to Blogger tricks it gives you step by step instructions and it works. ahhh! it's a great day.

Please subscribe to my blog via email for regular updates about what is going on in my studio, in the gallery, in my mind and in my family. I hope this blog post helps other people get that subscription button on their site. Don't wait another day, wondering how to do it. If I have other WaLa moments I'll keep you posted. Candyxx

Now after much debate about the term WaLa (my meaning: look what I have done; achievement, completion) my niece Maddy said it may be Vaula (french), I also vaguely recall magician's using the term. I really have no idea how it is spelt or even if it is a real word. So if their are any word smiths out there who can shed a little light, it would be much appreciated.

Till next week

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