Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drawing Feathers for a week - Feather 7 & 8 THE END

Feather VII, pencil and biro on handmade cotton artist quality paper, 21.5cm x 15.5cm © Candice Herne, 2011

Feather VIII, pencil on handmade cotton artist quality paper, 21.5cm x 15.5cm © Candice Herne, 2011

I threw in an extra drawing while I was in the heat of the moment. I have not drawn in years. Actually I don't really like drawing that much. I don't know if I will ever do anymore of these. However when my Natropath asked me to keep a Journal while I change the way I eat. Unconsciously I looked at my feather collection and wanted to see if I could draw my feathers. He said when you feel angry, frustrated, sad etc, go to your journal and do something. You may say how does this all relate. Well like most of my work. Who knows I just go with the flow and somewhere down the track it all starts to make sense. But at the moment I'm not making any sense. You see that's just how it goes for me. Till next Blog post. Candy xx I have my Gallery all set up and can't wait to show you how it all looks. I've even had my first Open Studio visit. exciting times!!


lee said...

Candy, I hope you will find the best 'gifts' while visiting me at the Roo. I always look for the latest 'offerings' with huge delight. Feathers - flights of fancy !Love your drawings.

KatrinaRecycled said...

Wonderful posts Candy. I found myself looking forward to the next drawing each day. I'm more of a doodler than a drawer, must work on that and follow your lead one day!
I could actually feel the meditative process that came through from you doing these drawings each day - if that makes sense?
Look forward to seeing photos of your Studio/Gallery.

Nicola Moss said...

Great project Candy, makes a lovely series of works. So excited to hear you've had an open studio. Congratulations. I hope this year in the studio is an exciting one for you. Keep well and Thank you for all your creative input recently.

Robyn said...

I really love the feather drawings.
I'm a feather gatherer too.