Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mamas in the hood

Dear Bloggers this is where I have been over the last few months preparing, organising and making for 'Mamas in the hood'  exhibited at Pine Rivers Art Gallery October 5th - November 5th 2011.

The show is over now. However alot of the work exhibited was installation work, so I had to wait for my work to be installed before photographing. And with all my other committments and workshops this has been the only available time that I have had to post any photographs of the event. So please sit back and let me take you through 'Mamas in the hood'.

 photograph by Mari Hirata

Mamas in the hood (please go here to see essay for 'Mamas in the hood' by Helen Sturgess MVA)

This exhibition examines the contrasting roles of mother and artist; challenging cultural values that keep mothers and their art hidden and 'chained to the kitchen'.
'Mamas in the Hood' is an analysis and a celebration of a mother’s role; how it relates to contemporary society, the challenges, identities, memories and stories it creates.

Four artists have united to present works ranging from craft to new media.

Candice Herne’s piñata installation, and butterfly cutouts explore ideas of collaboration and connection within the family and the community.

Sandra Landolt's moving objects stand as metaphors for change and for her experiences of living away from her family and her Swiss upbringing.

Katrina Stirling illustrates personal journeys, memories and stories onto rusted bed sheets.

Chrys Zantis plays with the computer generation; displaying luscious, playful and feminine knitted and crochet objects.

"Functioning on different levels as a partner, mother and staying true to yourself is a real challenge" – Sandra Landolt.

photograph by Nadine Sawyer


A collaboration by Candice Herne with family, friends, community and the mothers and children of Montville and the Blackall Range. Papier mâché fish pinatas, tissue paper, pom poms.
This installation is a community arts project. A grass roots project collaborating with members of my community who do not usually engage in the arts.

As an artist and mother with my first child starting school in a new community, I created this project to connect with other mothers and children and to create opportunities for expression, participation and exchange. Workshops were set up as one on one, group participation and community participation.

This installation can be read in two parts:

1. Processes of Development: The stories and conversations, shared and exchanged. In this work I have illustrated the process as ‘sediment’ - the stuff that settles on the bottom of the ocean. While the process is rarely seen as beautiful or important, it is however the very work that makes connections; the stories told, the tears and laughter. Invisible entities that are left to dissolve into the atmosphere, float along with the breeze or sink to the bottom of the ocean long after the work is complete.

2. Final Product: The result; the object; the fish piñata. A symbol of motherhood, children, life, creativity, beauty, fun, resilience, community and friendship.

Thank you to my family, friends and the mothers and students of Montville and the Blackall Range.

 photograph by Candice Herne
The above image and the following images are of the bottom of the fish sea 'sediment'. Have your Say. Viewers were asked to write their thoughts on Motherhood and throw them in the sea.

 photograph by Candice Herne

 photograph by Candice Herne

 photograph by Candice Herne

photograph by Candice Herne

photograph by Candice Herne

From the Cocoon

A collaboration by Candice Herne and her son Rhody Nash. Mono printing techniques using paint onto cut out butterfly cards.

Butterflies are symbols of freedom and beauty. From the cocoon or from the womb. The birth of life is an awakening. Children create opportunity for elders to learn and connect in a new world with a sense of freedom and wonder. Representing a second chance at seeing, feeling and experiencing.

Initiated by Rhody, the butterfly card project is a creative way to connect as mother and son. The project is exhibited in galleries, markets and festivals in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Life after death, is the butterfly. Candice Herne

Opening night celebration
photograph by Rachael Lee

Opening night from left to right: artist Chrys Zantis, Seal Chong Wah (Burlesque dancer) who performed a saucy dance on the night. Artist Katrina Stirling (with glass in hand), artist Candice Herne. Bottom right: Guest Speaker artist Anita West who shared her experience of being being both mother and artist and artist Sandra Landolt and her daughter Luca Milena.
photograph by Rachael Lee

Mums and Bubs workshop with Candice Herne
photographs by Candice Herne

'Mamas in the hood' held a special screening event of the film Who Does She Think She Is? It also played continuously for the entire month. Small groups came in to watch the film.

Collaboration, Candice Herne, Sandra Landolt, Katrina Stirling and Chrys Zantis, self help book sculpture

photographs by Candice Herne

I hope you all have enjoyed the journey as much as I have. See you soon. Candyxx


Kim Schoenberger said...

great stuff Candy! Well done, we should collaborate one day...

Candice Herne said...

Hi Kim lovely to run into you at the Markets. Yes that sounds fun. We'll work on that one. Candyxx

Robyn said...

Magnificent! wish i had have been there... so much fun