Friday, January 13, 2012

Teenage Portrait

Kai Lilly the teenage years
 digital photograph, ©  Candice Herne, 2011
My niece Kai in my Studio 2011. Slowly getting back into work. One more week till school starts. That has come around way to quick. I have totally enjoyed these holidays. We have spent most of the time at the beach and hanging out at home. I have a couple of small projects lined up this year. I'll post more about this next post. till then Candyxx


Sophie Munns said...

Gorgeous photo Candy.
And brilliant underwater photos... each summer i get very seduced by pools and the whole visual thing that happens through the day in water.
Had a big studio clean up and found your wonderful seed pod you brought home from the centre... after carving my name in it ... just put photo and link to here on my studio blog.
Hope you are going really well up there...
S x

Candice Herne said...

Hi Sophie thank you. You have been so busy the studio and everything looks wonderfully organised. I'm busy too with school, piano, science, ballet, markets, housework, cooking and fitting art in where ever it fits. Hope to see U this year. Candyxx