Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios

I am tidying and preparing my studio for the 2012 Open Studio program up here on Queensland's, Sunshine Coast Hinterland. In conjunction with the open studio I am also having a massive exploratory, unedited, studio exhibition. Showing work from the last 10 years, artwork and projects that I have never exhibited. And work from the very beginning up until the present day. Everything will be for sale. My studio will be open on the weekends from September 15th -7th October. I warmly invite you and your friends to come up one weekend to visit me in my studio. You could make a day of it and visit all of the 23 studio's open during this time. For more information please visit Arts Connect Inc website. My studio is under the Sculptor and the Artist. My husband Rod Nash will also be showing and making his sculptures. Hope to see you. Candyxx

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