Saturday, August 24, 2013


I think  have forgotten how to blog. Maybe not this will be my first step back into blog land. I haven't missed it, I've been having fun on facebook, which is much easier and quicker. However blogging  really helps to keep my creativity flowing, records my interests, connects dots, introduces me to other people, serves as a wonderful memoir for my family and makes me think and practice writing. So it is a useful and beneficial tool. Slowly does it, no pressure :) see you soon Candyxx

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Open Studios

I am tidying and preparing my studio for the 2012 Open Studio program up here on Queensland's, Sunshine Coast Hinterland. In conjunction with the open studio I am also having a massive exploratory, unedited, studio exhibition. Showing work from the last 10 years, artwork and projects that I have never exhibited. And work from the very beginning up until the present day. Everything will be for sale. My studio will be open on the weekends from September 15th -7th October. I warmly invite you and your friends to come up one weekend to visit me in my studio. You could make a day of it and visit all of the 23 studio's open during this time. For more information please visit Arts Connect Inc website. My studio is under the Sculptor and the Artist. My husband Rod Nash will also be showing and making his sculptures. Hope to see you. Candyxx

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Camera repaired and cleaned: Welcome Home Baby

My camera has been to hospital in Adelaide over the last 2 months and now she's back clean and repaired.I didn't realise how much I'd miss her until she left. I was left feeling a little frustrated, naked and flat.  

Something was definately missing in my life. I couldn't wait for her so I resorted to using my son's digital snap camera, when I had photography assignments to tend to.The previous 3 posts.

Nothing compares to the sculptural, interactive nature of an SLR camera, I am addicted to manuel focus and the familarity of my favourite settings and the safety of raw format.

My babies home it's time to celebrate. And celebrate I did I was a woman possessed, devouring my favourite things.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Still Life Photography

I have more than I need, digital photograph, ©  Candice Herne 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Suki June

 My daughter Suki turned 4 this month. We set up a special space to party in.

Suki's friends came and played musical cushions.

Everyone had Strawberry Shortcake doll cake which was made by the whole family. 

And they all played pass the parcel. It was a wonderful day!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Photographs of unfired handbuilt ceramics

Recently I have been making handbuilt ceramics from porcelain clay.

Handbuilt Pinch Pots, Candice Herne, digital photograph, ©   Candice Herne, 2012 

 Handbuilt ceramic milkjugs and pot, Candice Herne, digital photograph, © Candice Herne, 2012

Handbuilt Ceramics, Candice Herne, digital photograph, © Candice Herne, 2012

Handbuilt ceramic coil bowl, Candice Herne, digital photograph, ©Candice Herne, 2012

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Easter Traditions

 Easter Tradition, digital photograph © Candice Herne 2012

Easter is a Christian Feast celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
To be honest Easter has never been a time that I have given much thought to. Usually it involves a quick dash to the store to grab some chocolate eggs and that's about it. I only realised Monday was also a public holiday yesterday.

Although now since having children I have been pondering, how to create special times, special bonds, family rituals and family traditions.
Religious Organisations are smothered in mysterious  holdiay's festival's traditions, ceremonies, rituals and celebrations. Lent, Passover, Bar mitzvah just to name a couple. These traditions seem to be the building blocks of faith, belonging, community, connection, celebration, and rights of passage. Eager to build my own Family traditions I take from this a procedures manual on how to create my own family ceremonies and traditions. After discussing this with Suki aged 3 I asked her what special thing she would like all of her family to do this Easter. She said a photograph with Mummy, Daddy, Rhody, and Sparkie (the dog). So with that idea sorted together we decided on our location which was to be outside by the tree swing (which is where Easter Bunny hid all the eggs), then some sort set design. Aunty Jenny, Jessma and Kai were to come for a early dinner, so we decided to set up a pretty dining table under the tree. We needed a beautiful centre piece so Rhody set about finding the 3 tiered stand to fill it with all our Easter eggs and flowers from the garden. We took our New Easter Tradition family photograph then had a family feast. We will build on this idea of celebrating the family/family tradition and ritual and come up with something for Christmas. Happy Easter! Candyxx

Friday, March 30, 2012

Collection of drawings

Upfront Club, Installation of feather drawings, 30cmx37cm framed, pencil, ink and watercolour on handmade linen paper, Candice Herne 2012

I was interviewed by Sascha from Earth Dreams Magic last week about my current show Messages. You can read the interview here.

I have now put all the drawings from my show up on to my website.

If anyone would like to buy one and give my drawings a new home. Please email General Manager Karen Syrmis for all transactions  or call Karen on 07 5494 2088. They are $180 each. I can arrange to have the work posted to you for an extra $10 postage fee. The Upfront Club accepts direct deposit only. * Please note drawings Feather 12 and 19 are now sold.  Candyxx

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Investigating tone, movement, and line - photography

 Inskip Point grassy bank, digital photograph ©  Candice Herne, 2012

Nice Breeze Inskip Point, digital photograph, © Candice Herne, 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An exhibition of Feather Drawings at the Upfront Club, Maleny, Queensland, Australia

I warmly invite you to the opening of my solo show Messages. People who follow my blog may remember last year when I started drawing my feather collection for a week.You can see some of the drawings here: one  two  three four five six seven.

In total I have 22 framed pencil, ink and watercolour drawings on handmade linen paper from Creative Paper in Tasmania. I remember saying I wasn't going to do any more. Remind me never to say never :) I got into the swing of it late last year and just kept on drawing the feathers, playing around with line, shading, tone and water colour. Before I new it I had a small series of drawings. Then an opportunity arose for me to show them at my local Music and Arts Hub the Upfront Club. I had a meeting this morning to wrap up all the framing for these drawings. I am so pleased. The framing is going to be very contemporary, simple and beautiful. I have found the most lovely, professional and helpful framer up here on the range her name is Ali Parnell.  Ali lives on a farm and combines an art practice and framing with caring for horses.  Ali did a mock up of what the work will look like. As I am so visual, so this effort was so well recieved and helpful, and I got a real sense of how the show is going to look overall. Thanks Ali!

All I have to do now is send out some hard copy invitations to my local friends and then it's party time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cleaning up the studio and making a cosy corner

Candice Herne, Art Studio, 2012

I'm cleaning up the studio, getting organised and making a memory wall for a cosy corner.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Candice Herne Art is on Facebook

Pink Apple Blossom, Acrylic on artist cotton handmade paper, Candice Herne 2011

Candice Herne Art is now on facebook. I warmly invite you to connect with me here. I use facebook to share information that I find about art. I am always looking for inspiration, tips and tricks and I enjoy sharing what I find, so it may help other artists. So like me on my page. I will also be letting you all know a little bit more about my artwork, what inspires me and what gets me fired up in the morning. I would like to use facebook as a gateway to connecting with other artists, the general public, collectors, curators, dealers, designers, community workers/organisations, business and anyone who maybe interested in art or my work. I am also interested in selling some of my artwork through facebook. And offering my collectors some original artworks. Including at times some creative giveaways. So if this sounds interesting to you, I welcome you to check out my page and connect with me by clicking the like button. Thank you and see you on facebook. Candyxx

Friday, January 13, 2012

Teenage Portrait

Kai Lilly the teenage years
 digital photograph, ©  Candice Herne, 2011
My niece Kai in my Studio 2011. Slowly getting back into work. One more week till school starts. That has come around way to quick. I have totally enjoyed these holidays. We have spent most of the time at the beach and hanging out at home. I have a couple of small projects lined up this year. I'll post more about this next post. till then Candyxx