Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Comfort Zone

After seeing Susan Buret's installation "Settlement" yesterday. I was surprised I saw so much and had a bit to say. It made me acknowledge my own little settlements I have in my studio.
My chair which has sat in my studio for years. I designed "Comfort Zone" a few years ago after attending one of Nancey Brown's fabric printing workshops, you think I would have learnt something from Nancey as I painted the whole thing by hand with fabric paint Why didn't I make a simple lino print or a shape from string stuck onto some card oh no! Not I straight into it. What have I learnt from this slow down and make a print Candy make life easier not harder.(this is no way a reflection on the brilliant workshop Nancey gave) only a mirror of me. That was a few years ago now I am happy to say I have made and used printing blocks since so clever!

At the time I was interested in New Estates and the people who live in them. Sparked by the "Truman Show" starring Jim Carey where he lives on a movie set un be knowing to him the movie set is like a new estate everything he needs in life is right at his finger tips. I love the line where he speaks to his neighbour and says good Morning, Good afternoon and good night all in the same sentence in the morning.

These days New estates are popping up everywhere, which provide the residence with not only a home but a community a feeling of safety, equality, maybe a sense of being something bigger than who we are. I often wounder is it the houses/architecture, developers, or council regulations that provide this system of community? Houses all neatly placed together made from similar shades of brick with similar design most of the gardens are manicured neatly and ordered as well. Or is it the people that provide the system of community? I resort to the old saying "Birds of a feather flock together" Maybe Alain De Botton modern day philosopher and author of "The architecture of happiness" and other books may have some insight.I started to read his book but have not yet managed to finish it, maybe that's a sign, that I'm more about the people. Just a theory.

Chair purchased at Life Line and recoverd by Wendy Evans

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