Saturday, October 25, 2008

Love Is in the Air

Not only have we been unpacking but we had the privledge and honour to attend 2 absolutely beautiful weddings over the last 3 weeks.
The first was my gorgeous, great friend Belinda's and her English husband Jonathon. Belinda and Jonathon met in Japan 4 years ago. Belinda and I met in 1998 when working at the Sheraton hotel in Brisbane. Guests from all over the world came to celebrate, in Yungaburra in the Cairns Hinterland. The ceremony was in a traditional little country Church filled with home grown roses and candles. The reception was at Foxwell park a country manor with private golf course, great jazz band and to top it all off fireworks. The whole day was just fabulous, beautiful and romantic. Congratulatins Mr and Mrs Young! Loved that Jazz Band!!!!!!!
The next stupendious occassion was Tom and Jaunita's wedding at beautiful Stradbroke Island at Amity Point. Tom has worked with Rod over the last few years. Tom helped us build our Nudgee house. The wheather was superb. Jaunita's father was up at 5.ooam designing the the ceremony setting on the beach with driftwood, palm fronds, shells, arbours and flowers. When we walked over the bank I was not expecting to see such a magical setting. It truely was beautiful. Fantasy Island comes to mind! We ate and drank all afternoon. Congratulations! Tom and Juaninta are now spending 2 weeks Island hoping.
Oh I love weddings! I always feel so special when I'm invited to a wedding, they are such special occasions and a honour to attend. They always make me feel truely loved. Rod and I are so lucky to have such supportive friends in our lives. May you both Belinda and Jon and Tom and Jaunita have many happy times together
In the words of my new friend Ester who gave the best advice to Belinda and Jon on marriage
.............breath in and out, then wait.......
could not have put it better myself!
love and kisses Candyxx

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chrys zantis said...

hi candy. great photos of the wedding . how beautiful and happy. i'm so happy for you to be living your dreams with you beautiful family in such an gorgious setting.