Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dr Shinichi Suzuki

I am reading Nurtured by love by Dr Suzuki. I found this beautiful passage that just transfixed me when I read it -

"From the time I left Japan it was not my objective to become a performer. Fasinated by music, I wanted to learn the secret of this man made art. What is art? I wanted to know. Despairing and disillusioned by my lack of performing ability, I was spurred on by hurt pride in my quest for the secret of art. And it cured my despair. Even if I had no talent, and even if my progress was slow, I was determined to plod on step by step toward my goal of becomming a whole, well rounded human being. I did not hurry, but I did not rest either. I endeavored ceaselessly. and it gave me both peace of mind and something to live for."

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