Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flower Arranging

I did some flower arranging today. This work is a follow on from 2 painting "Variegated Society" and "Reclaim Regrowth" my Nurture verses Nature Series I started in 2008, which was exhibited last year at Brunswick St Gallery Melbourne. I am interested in looking at humanity and society, through nature.

I walked around the garden this morning collecting flowers then dismantled them on to a white board. And then aranged them, and took photo's.
こんにちは、私は今日整理する花をした。 このアートワークは私の"の別である; 性質はNurture"を作詩する; シリーズ。 私は性質を通して探検の人間性および社会に興味がある。 親切な点Candice Hernexx この翻訳は意味を成しているか。

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