Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One thing leads to another

This morning I checked out the Brisbane Artist Development Cooperative Blog and read the artist statement info very useful I thought, it's always a challenge. Then mossied on over to check out the followers. I noticed Uta had changed her profile picture, very cool check it out.I then clicked on Elliott Bledsoe (more blokes please).There is lots of informative info on his sight Popcult. I was intially drawn to his article about Copywrite is not Creativity, I really want to understand and grasp this article entiley and it frustrates me because I don't get it, I suppose I was looking for that light bulb moment, I wanted it to speak to me and resolve some myths. My stuff not his. I moved on.I was then drawn to this article 'What it feels like for a boi, stimulated by music and fashion'. My intial thoughts after I read it were, I really need to get out more or watch more TV, how did I miss this episode of Sunday Arts. I couldn't help being seduced by 'Chicks On Speed'


Anonymous said...

one thing does, invariably lead to another candice. and the great/worst thing about the internet is that it invariably leads back to the person you are talking about. i am glad you like popcult. the "copyright is not creativity" entry is actually my reflections on a talk by the lovely professor julie cohen from georgetown university law center at the copyright freedom: copyright future conference that was held not long back in canberra. feel free to get in touch with me if you want any copyright questions answered. that's what i do ^_^

Candice Herne said...

:)ha!that's brilliant Elliot, your on my to do list. Do you also know how to get 1 year olds to sleep through the night. I'll call you. Thanks Candyxx