Monday, July 13, 2009

The perfect cup of tea

Tea maker: Excuse Me Sir's. 'Would you like a cup of tea?'

Sir's: Yes please

Tea maker: Well check it on here (a folder, paper and pen)

Sir's working away on computer
5 or so minutes pass..........................................

Tea maker: Your tea is ready Sir's, please check here, (tick the last tea entry), I boiled the kettle, and even used a tea cloth to move it.

Sir's: conscious now and alerted by the thought of boiling kettle and 4 year old moving it, but did not show any sign of panic. Does it have milk?

Tea Maker: yes, come and get it

Sir's: ecstatic at the thought, and her heart is overflowing with joy and wonder for the tea maker, Could this be real?

Sir's: walks to the kitchen and sees a coffee cup sitting relaxed, and muddy with a dainty string flopping down the side, what a wonderful taste.

1 comment:

chrys zantis said...

ohhhhh candy you need one of my sex pot covers ..that will move him
x chrys