Friday, August 28, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

Miss Japan- digital enhanced image from collage self portrait from series 'Sticks and Stones' - by Candice Herne

I have just returned from a mini mummy break in beautiful Melbourne, staying with my dear friends Belinda and John Young. This was the 4th time I had visited Melbourne. Childless and free from pooy nappies and the sounds of 'Mummy I'm hungry'.
I roamed the streets, lost like Alice down the rabbit hole feverish, looking for her way home. Exploring little lines, spaces and marks that had the faintist whift of adventure. Maybe more like a dog on heat.

On the first day I walked around St Kilda and Chapel St from 9am till 5pm, Belinda and I worked out that I had probably walked around 30km as she compared it to her walk across England. Why was my stomach still bulging? It must have been the huge spinich and ricotta pastry, I ate during my travels around St Kilda. OMG like no other pastry, I had ever tasted, from the coffee bar at the entrance of a little plaza on Ackland St, the name eludes me. I also picked up a cute little crotchet and lace scarf, that replaced the tangerine knitted scarf I walked into the store with. All set to continue my travels with cute scarf.

After walking all around St Kilda I headed towards the city and viaed right, towards Chapel St. I knew this was going to be great. After a few wrong turns, my first stops were vintage stores/op shops filled with eclectic goodies perfect for the imagination, what could I do with this or that. I am so glad the Japanese haute couture dress at Euro trash was sold, I have no idea how I would have paid it off. There is no way it would have fit me, however just looking at it, did excitable things to me. Fashion has been on my mind lately, leading me up to the wearable art show at the botanical gardens October 13th. I'll post more about this later. I've been thinking about, the colour yellow, pleating and collars for the last few weeks and the universe delivered once again, offering up some ideas to let me know it is listening. I past up on one perfect yellow pleated dress at Euro trash, however it instantly lead me to another little gem that I just couldn't walk past from Alphaville, a stunning black pleated wrap that could be worn so many different ways, I love the sculpture that it creates when you twist it all around the body, now I just need somewhere to wear it. Also checkout their flash presentaion on their website, theirs alot to be said about intuition and following up leads, I was delighted to find upside down portraits.

Exhausted at 5pm, ready to catch public transport back to Belinda's I phoned in to see how she was going. 'just about to pop into Dan Murphy's on Chapel St for some wine I'll be home soon.' 'where's that?' I said, opposite Coles, Bel replied. I happened to be standing opposite coles, within minutes the little red festiva zoomed around the corner, my feet thank you universe! The rest of night was filled with red wine, gossip, ideas and plans to save the world.

be back soon to continue my trip.....................................................

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