Monday, August 17, 2009

Cape York Camping Safari Ute offers solutions on recycling and practical design

My man, husband Rod has arrived home from The tip of Cape York. He has been on a 3 week camping safari with his mates. The good old Ford Maverick Ute made it there and back in one piece ( I had absolutely no faith and was planning a trip to the airport) A few mod con's, alterations, interior decoration elements, fine tuning and tweaking all helped to make for a comfortable journey. I can't believe they didn't get pulled over. See their ?genius? alterations below:
Hood Ornament and CB Aerial
The Pig's foot found object1 made it all the way home, snuggley fit into the bull bar ladder rack fitting . Cb Aerial nicked named the 'Eiffel tower' hung on zipped tied to the bull bar.

Hood Ornament found object 2 yellow spade
found at the Children's Playground at the Lion's Den Pub, south of Cooktown

Snorkel made from plumbing pipe glued and sicaflexed to the car

Personnel Storage one for each passenger
for wallets, phones and camera and one in the middle for the hand held CB made from 1.25 litre coke bottles, holes drilled and sip tied to the back canopy wall.

The Beast

The side mirror broke after 2 days.
The only option was to replace it with the centre rear view mirror from inside the Ute

Drink holders
made from storm water pipe fittings, spray painted with left over gold spray paint, screwed and fastened to the floor and dash

Storage Shelf - used to store found objects and stuff: gewing gum, spanners, lighters, pocket knifes anything that wouldn't stay on the dash.

made from a fridge door shelf. Found at the cooktown tip, fastened with zip ties to the 'holy shit bar' aparently that's what the bar on the dash is called.
Camping Safari TIP: Take lots of zip ties


Jools said...

Love it all!! looks like fun

Katrina said...

Love the innovative adjustments to the vehicle!!!

Artist said...

What the? I bet you are please that you stayed home. love the names for all the changes. Won't show Cameron !
Cheers Sharon