Monday, August 10, 2009

What's the worst thing about your day?

Last night during Rhody's bedtime routine of book and snuggles, I asked him, 'what was the best part of his day?'.
He said, 'being with you and Daddy'.
He asked me what was mine and I said,' flying the kite on the beach'.
Their was silence and snuggles for a little while.................. and then Rhody asked, 'what was the worst thing about your day'?
I thought about it for awhile and said, 'hmmmm I don't know'. I asked him back, 'what was yours'? he said , 'hmmm I don't know'. He then asked me again, 'what was the worst thing about your day'? 'I had a great day', I said.
'The worst thing about my day was not swimming at the beach, it was too cold', Rhody said.
I found this little conversation very interesting and a wonderful insight into how my little man's brain thinks. It also occured to me, how we create meanings for words by our experiences and feelings.

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