Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bundjalung National Park, Beach, Pebbles, Pippi Shells

We have been in our caravan now for ten days. We have had some maintenance issues already. As we drove out the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday we noticed the Caravan break controller in the car was not working so we stopped off at Kunda Park 15 minutes from home to get it checked out. 1.5 hours and $300 later all was repaired. We were finally off. Our first stop was Tweed Heads. We stayed over night at a caravan park which was under a main road. We did a load of washing. And moved on the next morning. We were glad to be out of their.Many people ask us have you made plans about your trip? Where are you going? To that we say we just don't know. It's all a bit scatty at the moment we are just going with the flow at the moment and settling into Gypsy life. It's all very new and a little unsettling. However we'll get the jist of it soon.
Our next stop was Bundjalung National Park. A popular place for surfing. Beautiful beaches, with spherical sea sponges, smooth pebbles, 1000's of pippi shells and black rocks that stain your feet black. We saw dolphins riding the waves this morning. I was concerned as their was no shade from trees. However the weather has been beautiful and the sea breeze kept things very cool and calm. It was nice to see that some National Parks still provided wood. We stayed 2 nights.
Today we had to drive into Coffs Harbour to take our 4month old TV back to WOW the store we bought it from in Queensland. The TV had no sound. The service was excellent and they gave us a brand new one. No waiting for repairs etc. For the next 3 days we are staying in a Family Resort Park with every fun thing you can think of for kids, opposite the beach. Catching up with the washing and still sorting bits and pieces we need to fit out the caravan and make things a little easier. And we are going to plan a little route west from Coffs.


KatrinaRecycled said...

Well you are now officially gypsies!! Oh the freedom of not having to be anywhere at any particular time, it would be bliss!I love the photos and look forward to seeing more and more. Miss you guys already.

Anonymous said...

I think if you are going to uproot and flow, the lack of definite destinations is a given. Sometimes you don't know where you want to be untill you arrive.
Smooth travels.