Thursday, October 22, 2009

A new journey

We have packed everything. Put it into storage and are now calling our caravan home.We are set up in our backyard for the next 4 days to work out how we are going to pack the caravan and Holden Rodeo. We have settled in very quickly and the children are sleeping well through the night. It's really hot here today, especially as we have set up the caravan in a hot spot unshaded from the trees. So we have the air conditioner on and it works well. Luxury! We are not roughing it that much. I'm thankful we decided to get a van with a big fridge as I did a big fruit and vege shop this morning and everything fits in including the beer. We are heading off on Wednesday and hope to set up our first camp just over the Queensland NSW border. I'm thinking it will take a few weeks to get in the swing of things. I have now started researching some places I'd like to see. I spyed in the newsagent on the weekend a farming magazine which included sweeping landscape photography of Buffalo farms in Australia. I was in amazement that these kinds of things are in Australia. I am really excited now to think how many things I am going to see and experience right here in my own backyard, stuff I just never even thought of. Candyxx
p.s when I get adobe photoshop on my laptop I'll post some pictures


sophie munns said...

What a huge moment Candace...all the plans and hard work of packing up...good on you...this will be an amazing experience!

I just responded to the kind words you left at my blog...where I asked if you will keep this blog going from the road. Shall I add your to the Brissie connections blog list I just started?

No doubt you wlll find plenty of innovative ways to be creative in your mobile home/studio...there's tons more to burst into life from your creative soul no doubt Candace! I dont think you should ever have misgivings about what's living in you worth bringing into this old world!

best of luck and great times to you all!
See you when you return...if somewhere does not take your fancy and you park yourselves there indefinitely!
great to get to know you better of late!
Sophie x

KatrinaRecycled said...

Boo hoo I will really miss you!!! Hey I thought of the name of that great little mag I was telling you about the other day - Grass Roots. It lists places that you can visit and stay in return for meals, etc. Have a great journey! love Katrina XXX