Monday, October 12, 2009

Drawing tendrils and veins for new art work

pen drawing and graphic design by Candice Herne preliminary stages of new work

I've been working on new art work to go with my "Postcards from blogland" series. I'm not sure how this will fit in yet or if it is finished. Looking at it now I can see a trunk coming out of it????

Tendrils and veins have been a linking thread through my work for a few years now. If you click here there is some artwork I did last year for a exhibition I did at Brunswick St Gallery in Melbourne a painting titled "Reclaim Regrowth" covered in pink embroidered leaf veins. A series I started about Nurture verses nature looking at natural order and how it relates to life and popular culture. I remember framing my work at school with drawings of vines with flowers, it seemed so natural and easy, I just did it with no thought. I'm taken back remembering this about myself. As humans and/or artist do we eventually come full circle and unconsciously go back to what feels natural about ourselves?


Susan Buret said...

This is so interesting. I think we have a series of images programmed into our psyche and we continue to make these marks all through our lives.

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Candice,
Really interesting work, I like your drawing. I agree with Susan, there are distinct images or patterns that I keep coming back to. At a subconscious level I think we are drawn to distinct shapes and forms. At the gardens there are two trees I am particularly drawn to because of the silhouette of their form; it took me months to realise they belong to the same plant family. It made me think it was not coincidence but a visual response, in some way I find that form most aesthetically pleasing.

Katrina's Blog said...

I agree, I think there certain marks unique to us, ingrained in our souls, maybe passed down thru our genes that just emanate out of us. I think something as simple as doodling can bring this out.