Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to make your art project interactive and fun

Lately I have been asking myself, What do I want to do to have fun, laugh, smile, be child like, release my inhibitions? I am realising I am becoming an absolute bore so serious all the time. With a need to get things done, move forward, over achieve, and come up with plans and goals. Ironically for me, this is fun fun fun. A brain storming boot camp with a catchy introduction of "trade not aid, learn how to tie knots with the hill tribes of Africa" would be something that would just turn my beating heart into a ray of sunshine and turn those laugh lines into deep valleys. I'd really like to loosen up a bit. So this morning when I clicked on Passion Pages blog "the fun theory" I was over joyed to see the post. The inspiration is definitely one of fun and smiles. However for someone like me, it leads to more contemplative thought, on how I could make my art projects more fun and interactive. Maybe I should interact more and leave the how to's to someone else. ahhhh! Nope that would be no fun. I just can't help myself. Here's to having more fun!

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