Friday, December 11, 2009

Nest Building

Here is a little series of pictures I took of a nest I made at little Styxs River, New England National Park a few weeks ago. The national park is 1600m above sea level. When we were their we spent 4 days in cloud and drizzle, it was cool damp and eeire. I kept on thinking it would have made a great movie site for Lord of the Rings. Lichen and moss draped every trees and branch. Their was so many twigs of lichen on the ground, which beckoned me to contemplate, create and play. Little Styx River is also famous for trout fishing. We were fortunate enough to befriend a expert fly fisherman who gave us 3 of his fresh mornings catch. Yum! I was suprised to find that their is alot of Trout fishing up this way and further south. When I think of Trout I automatically think Tasmania Australia. The township of Ebor and it's locals (town closest to Little Styx River) will proudly tell you it's the best trout fishing spot in Australia. Handy to know if your a keen angler.

updated 24/9/10 : now that blogger's video now expands, the images do not have time to become clear, I appologise for this. The image's timelines will need editing to fit in with Blogger's new software.

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Nicola Moss said...

Love your video Candice, all that lichen feathering the nest, beautiful. Especially like your images with the yellow flowers inside. Wonderful!