Sunday, December 27, 2009

trivia trinket, fabuloso, scrumptious, Must have!

Ceramic version of a throw away plastic cup, dents included, retails around $20 designed by Rob Brandt
photo by Candice Herne

There are some things in life that you can not over look, some things that speak to you and fill your whole head with exploding fizz bombs, joy and satisfaction. Something that says hi, I know you so well, we are best friends, I get you. You fit together like a hand and a glove. Your quite odd and incomplete but perfect and rebellious at the same time. Something your content with admiring from a far and proud to have without wishing you had thought of it first. Well I found my little bit of trivia trinket, fabulousooh, scrumptious, contemplative, humorous, tantalizing, delight, snippet, in this ceramic cup I bought at the National Gallery. I just love it! My sister would say, No Shit Sherlock!
I have been contemplating on buying a whole set. Ohhh! and their are baby dented cups too. But I am wondering whether I would love them as much. Maybe I am thinking too much about the cup, Oh cup of love! You can purchase your own cup at the many stores on line if you Google Rob Brandt or Ceramic Plastic cup their are lots of different options. Perfect gifts for the quirky and rebellious artists in us all.

1 comment:

Nicola Moss said...

The permanent throw-away - Love it.

I agree just one is perfect Candice, wouldn't like to lose the novelty. I look at it and think it is something I know, but not.