Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Whilst in Melbourne we visited ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image
The last time I was here was 5 years ago when Rhody my son was 6months old. I spent 3 hours watching films while I breastfed and we took fun photo's together in the in-house photo booth. This visit was just as fun as their was a interactive Film, TV and Digital Exhibition 'Screen Worlds', showing every TV console game ever invented. Our first game as a child was the black screen with the white rectangles on each side of the screen and you played tennis. I can still hear the sound ping, ping. The game got faster and faster as you progressed. Oh the memories! I also watched old episodes of Prisoner, watched an amazing still sculpture come to life as it spun on a disk as strobe lights shone onto it. Really brilliant! And played around in the Timeslice and flip book exhibits.

Below are video's from the Timeslice exhibit which was a room with 36 camera that recorded every move you made then you were able to email your moving image to yourself. Below are our images:

Me Suki Rod Rhody

Below is a short moving image I made about making wishes. This is inspired by innocence, childs play, beauty, simplicity, interaction and a general wish for peace - inner peace, neighbourhood peace, community peace, world peace, rest in peace. Made in Australia November 2009, between Tamworth and Nundle on the side of the road in a Dandelion patch.
I hope you enjoy it.

your wish is my command from Candice Herne on Vimeo.


Nicola Moss said...

Great Fun Candice, love the dandelions.
Best wishes.

Katrina said...

The videos of your Timeslice didn't work for me, I'm busting to see them, can you email to me? Loved Rhody blowing the dandelion, just magic!

Sandra Landolt said...

Beautiful video. so simple and magical!