Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feeling the Flow

Suki 19 months Yarrongabilly Caves Village Camp. Koscioszko National park

I feel as though we have just really begun our trip. We all have become familiar with our caravan and each other- sounds a bit strange, but true, as we all have never spent this much time together. The last time Rod and I spent this much time together was travelling overseas 1995-1998. We are no longer having daily battles with gadgets, inverters, tiny and little space, batteries, technology and personal space. We installed a solar panel, which has improved our power supply by 100% and we no longer have to constantly monitor our power output, unless we have many consecutive days of cloud cover/rain.

We have formed a packing and unpacking routine which works smoothly and we have all relaxed and surrendered,'it is what it is' the children adjusted very quickly with Mummy and Daddy especially Mummy lagging behind. Rod even went fishing tonight. This speaks volumes to me as he has never liked to fish, to boring, maybe if I had three lines going at once, he says. Me on the other hand, I love to fish.

We are currently travelling through Tasmania, north west of Hobart. We had contemplated moving here a few years ago, however decided to stay in Queensland. We have only been here 9 days and I am already in-love. Such beautiful country. I'm surprised how beautiful it is considering how dry it is. There are fields, hills and farms of golden grass, that run straight into the blue ocean, small seaside villages that could have come straight out of England. Beaches laden with driftwood; our minds are running wild imagining a house made of driftwood. Can't you just picture it. Superb! You can take the driftwood off the beach here at Arthur River as the beach is thick with it. Huge logs everywhere. Rod and I have even discussed how to get it off the beach with a 4WD truck and crane and even discussed how to cut it to get the best look on the outside. If you cut a straight edge on each side and have the natural side showing.

Arthur River Beach

There are huge oysters to eat and sweet Australian Salmon. Cool most of the year, and Melbourne a short flight away. Sounds enticing. Maybe?


Nicola Moss said...

You are so right Candice, Tassie has many things to love. If I could handle the winter weather, maybe.

Sophie Munns said...

Great post Candy.... from the gorgeous image of your little one to the laughs from references to the daily niggles and the image of spouse needing 3 lines to keep him form being bored...I'm not unlike him... so dont fish! Happy with book lazing around though!

I just get to imagine I'm on this journey for a brief moment... so will keep dropping in.
cheers Candy ... I'll toast that sweet fresh salmon and think of you down there in heaven!
ps thanks for great message early today!