Thursday, February 18, 2010

Build it and they will come

Rhody making paper with Darren Simpson- paper maker.
Creative Paper Tour, Makers Workshop Burnie, Tasmania

I've found the most beautiful handmade/recycled paper in Burnie, Tasmania, 'Creative Paper'. The Makers Workshop a new airy architectural gallery style building is home to 'Creative Paper' some of Burnie's local artists studio's the Paper Mache People which are just wonderful by artists Pam Thorne and Ruth Rees and home to the visitors information centre.

Rhody and I took a tour of Creative Paper, to see how it was made and also made our own paper. It's the edges that I am drawn to, uneven, worn and torn looking, so beautiful. My black and white blurry photographic prints integrated themselves well into the Artist Quality white paper, to make them look more like ink splotches which I was hoping for.
They have different gsm (thickness of paper). And now after trialling some photography prints. I'd like to next trial some thicker card to produce some postcards. I just have to find away of getting the thicker card through the printer. Maybe I will have to buy a special printer.

'Melbourne Marks' my photographic prints on Artist quality handmade paper from Creative Paper

Creative Paper started out as a government initiative to help local people gain skills and employment. It looks like it has really helped to turn the small town around. Tasmania has many of these council/government initiatives in small rural towns, whereby the community is encouraged to participate. They are often artistic in nature. Railton has Topiary gardens, the town has rallied together and Topiary figures are planted and maintained through out the town. You just have to get a map and drive around the town and look at peoples gardens, much like driving around looking at Christmas lights on Peoples houses. Sheffield is the mural town and Wilmot is the letter box town. As a tourist if it wasn't for these attractions I don't think I would have visited and spent my money in the local stores. It is really refreshing to see such community spirit. I'd love to come back to Railton in 10 years to see the well established Topiary gardens.

Paper Bundle wall, Creative Paper Studio

Creative Paper's dry studio area, front wall. I love this paper bundle wall

We drove around for 20 minutes looking for Creative paper and saw this in our travels. I love the text and missing letters.


Sophie Munns said...

Very cool post Candy!
Fantastic paper place you visited and I also thought that wall was as well!
Your work looked brilliant on the beautiful paper and all up it was great story you told of these towns re-inventing themselves... Art-led recovery... here's to that!
Loved the text on the building ...well spotted!
keep it coming Candy...armchair travelling is good with you at the wheel!
S x

Katrina said...

Oh Candy your blog posts make me wish I was with you, I love Tasmania and its abundance of creative and interesting people. Along with discovering all the art and creativeness going on down there, I'm sure you are finding the fresh and diverse range of food divine. I'm in love with the Gourmet Farmer show at the moment (7.30pm on Thursdays on SBS). I await your next instalment impatiently!