Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fog, Webs and Nanna's Crochet

It is a foggy morning here at Penstock Lagoon

good weather for swans

it was under 0 degrees last night we got out the hot water bottles

I hadn't noticed these spider webs before, when I looked I saw they were everywhere

they remind me of Nanna's crocheted doilies

I looked a little closer and found a pattern I liked

the fog started to lift and the sun shone bright, it is going to be another beautiful day


Nicola Moss said...

Stunning images Candice, fog and webs, such beauty.
Perhaps something for the weather project??
Enjoy your beautiful day.

Susan Buret said...

Beautiful Images Candy. I just love those webs.

KatrinaRecycled said...

So whimsical - love nanna's "nature" doilies. I feel at peace just looking at your photos today, keep them coming.

Sharon said...

What an awsome spectacle to wake to. Your cocoon of a caravan looks so vulnerable. The gossamer threads are precious.
Why don't we like spiders ???

Lydia said...

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Candice Herne said...

Thanks Nicola, Susan, Katrina, Sharon. Nicola the weather projet has been such a catalyst for looking closely at the world around me. Such an inspiration! I have been working on some idea's which I will show asap to see what you think, I'll be in touch. Susan those webs reminded me also of the landscape installation you did at ragdale chicago. Great talking to you tonight Katrina can't wait to see the shell doilies. Hi Sharon 'gossamer threads' what lovely words I was surrounded in gossamer threads. Our little cocoon is serving us well, however I could do with a massage, it is taking it's toll. My sister had a spider phobia I remember pretending that I had captured and discarded a live spider that was hiding in the back seat of her car. She would not have got into the car other wise. In our house growing up our walls did not touch the ceiling and we backed on to a park in tropical North Queensland the spiders always were present.

Candice Herne said...

Thanks Lydia, I enjoy blogging. Thanks for popping in. Candyxx