Saturday, March 27, 2010

The wooden boat builder

Adrian Dean, the wooden boat builder Franklin, Tasmania

We are back in Hobart for a few days catching up on washing, shopping and preparing to head inland to Queenstown. On the way back from Cockle Creek we stopped at Franklin and visited the wooden boat centre If your not into boats, I'd say you probably will be buy the time you leave the centre. The centre takes you inside the hearts of traditional craftsman who build extraordinary wooden boats from Huon Pine and rare Tasmanian Timbers. Adrian Dean, wooden boat builder, whom I met on our visit. Is currently finishing his boat of two and a half years. Adrian has been building boats for 60 years. The centre is fully operational as a school and has quite a reputation in the industry.The building shed is rich picking for a stuff collector as myself. The Houn pine wood shaving did not go unnoticed. All curly and blonde. Ooooo! could I have some of these I asked, as they were everywhere. Yes, Adrian said there are some really long ones on that bench. Bingo, I'm excited! Writing on them comes to mind.

So, if I have a spare $200,000 a wooden boat is on my list. I wouldn't want it painted though just a clear sealing coat. How grand I would feel sailing the seas.

Adrian with his boat made from Houn Pine


Louvregirl said...

Candice~ I absolutely LOVE...his smile!
Thank you!

sophie munns said...

I imagine a place like this could be very seductive Candy.
I lived near the small town of Eden many years ago and the number of people building their own boats in their back yards was testament to the fact that despite the expense people get hooked into the romance of boats and water and seafaring ways! And Eden being a seafarer's town the hook was pretty strong there!

what lovely adventures you are having...
and thanks for visiting tonight up here in the north!

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Candice Herne said...

Thanks for your comments LG and Sophie.I just love studio's and places where people make stuff. Usuaally the people are just as extraordinary as their work. Take care. Candyxx

Candice Herne said...

Hi Mike that's very nice, thank you. I am unaware of this. Who recommended me? Candyxx