Monday, March 22, 2010

happy, frustrated, photographs of leaves

After 1 week in Hobart and 5 days on Bruny Island we are now camped at the southern most road in Australia, Cockle Creek Tasmania. I was busting to take some photo's of some leaves I had pressed in my journal a few months ago. Ideally I would have gone out side and set up an out door studio to take the pictures with all the natural light. However it was so windy this afternoon that I played inside the caravan and used what light I had that shone through the caravan windows. I became increasingly frustrated because I couldn't do what was in my head. So I just stuck them onto the internal fly screen and started taking pictures, some in black in white some in colour. I like how it worked out in the end, with the pattern of the fly screen and the light shining through.


Nicola Moss said...

These look GREAT Candice. Amazing how having to deal with circumstance can bring about wonderful new possibilities we might not have ever tried otherwise.

deb said...

Hello Girl!
Thank you for your blog. i come to see what you are doing and try to get inspired. Love the work. it is amazing how we can adapt to our environment and work within it's boundaries. Lessons for life! Miss you.
Deb P.

Candice Herne said...

Thanks for your comments Girls!I am definately learning to adapt to my environment.Yes I agree lessons for life Deb.either go with it or bank that head on that brick/caravan wall.I ask myself why I often choose the brick wall. It isn't the pattern of the bricks, maybe it's the pain. I need a bex and a lie down and maybe a little therapy, would to you both Candyxx

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Candice Herne said...

Hi Electra, thanks for passing by.What terrible scams do I need to look out for? Candyxx